Mr Wong Lian Kee

Mr Wong Lian Kee

Information and Communication Technology

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Summary of Proficiency

  • Helping customers to embark on the online or internet presence
  • Wong Lian Kee has been involved in the application software development for more than 25 years. The job scopes include the feasibility study, system designing, system development, system testing, system implementation, system maintenance and computer trainings.
  • Wong has successfully developed and implemented the various application softwares for the manufacturing, trading and insurance industry.
  • Wong had served as the Regional ICT Head for the operating offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan.
  • Wong has been exposed to IBM Mini-computers, servers and networking.
  • On the social aspect, Wong has been actively involved in the education, having served in the school Parents-Teachers Association in various types of school – national, govt boarding, national type and mission schools.
  • Currently, Wong is also serving in the Board of a National Type Chinese Secondary School (SMJK).
  • Wong was also the Past Chairman of Henley Alumni Association of Malaysia.
  • Wong has successfully implemented many projects for the schools. For instance, Wong has successfully organised a fund raising project and successfully set up a fully equipped new computer laboratory for a Mission primary school in Kajang.
  • Wong is also the current Chairman of JMC Greensville @ Taman Semenyih Mewah

Professional Experience

  • 3 Years     – Digital Economy
  • 10 Years   – Risk Management
  • 15 Years   – Business Process Re-engineering
  • 25 Years   – Application Software Development
  • 30 Years   – System Maintenance and Trainings


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MBA, Henley/Brunel University, UK
> :
Institute of Management Information System, UK
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Risk Management Certificate

Core Competencies

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Digital Economy
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Risk Management
✔️ :
Application Software Designating and Development


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