Our Services

Activities Involved

•Management and technical training
•Provide business clinic sessions
•Helps companies gain access to incentives, financial assistance and facilities
•Helps SME generally to achieve global competitiveness in marketability, quality, price & delivery etc
•Helps interested parties to find new business opportunities locally & overseas
•As mentors to young entrepreneurs and innovators


How Do We Do It?

ERA maintains a database of members with individual expertise, skills and experiences. Individuals, companies, government agencies or private organizations can contact us and tap into this huge pool of expertise relevant to their special needs.


Is There Money Involved?

This depends on the nature of the services required, its locations and durations. ERA members can render their services for a fee or an honorarium to be mutually agreed upon. For instance;

•Guided by the principle of “cost +” or government rates (e.g. SME Corp rates)
•Out of pocket expenses incurred for travel to factory sites or government agencies
•On a case to case negotiated basis
•Any other mutually agreed arrangement


Skills And Expertise ERA Offers

1.Banking, business & commerce
2.Education, communication & publishing
3.Engineering & manufacturing
4.Factory & laboratory auditing
5.Health care & tourism
6.Human resources development & management
7.Science, technology & innovations
8.Social & public relations
9.Agriculture & primary resources


Modus Operandi

1.Target group: SMEs
2.Coordinator: a contact between ERA & Clients
3.Dispatch experts to provide technical & management assistance through identifying problems & recommending solutions.
4.Visit SMEs and make evaluation on problems faced by the SMEs and propose solution
5.Prepare feasibility study report &  proposal for SMEs to obtain grant
6.Submit implementation schedule
7.Submit progress report and result of project

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