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Community Project – DJROA Urban Farming Launch on 14 March 2015

ERA in collaboration with the Green Tech Sub-Committee of the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Malaysia International Trade & Industry Committee (ACCCIM ITI) and DF Pharmacy jointly organized with the Damansara Jaya Residents & Owners Association (DJROA) a Community Urban Farming launch at the DJROA Community Center.

ERA’s Advisor and ACCCIM ITI Committee Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong presented a paper titled:

Summary of benefits under Urban Farming, which included Vertical Farming and Roof Top Farming, and using the Hydroponic or Fertigation Technology.


The event was launched by the President of DJROA Dato’ Yew Cheng Hoe and his deputy Mr. Ronald Ng, together with the Director, National Unity Department Mr. Ho Khek Hua, Tuan Haji Mohamad Yunus Ismail, Director of the Urban Farming Division , Department of Agriculture and Tan Sri Dato’ Soong representing ACCCIM ITI and ERA.

image image image

A crowd of over 80 residents and guests, including representatives from other Housing Associations were briefed by representatives of the Agriculture Department as well as the National Unity Department on Community engagement through urban farming.

The event was a great success with residents seeking to acquire the vertical planting tubs for their own residence. The event was covered by the Star Newspaper in support of promotion of community projects such as urban farming.


image image

ERA wishes to thank the key coordinator, Mr. Jeff Kong of DF Pharmacy for successfully arranging the participation and support from the National Unity Division and the Agriculture Ministry Urban Agriculture unit. We look forward to contributing toward greater Communal interaction and harmony.


The article was contributed by Mr. Roger Lye

Myanmar Industry Association (MIA) and Expertise Resource Association Jointly organised Management Operation Certification Program

Part One – 27th – 28th September 2014 – Conducted by Mr.Allen Cheong and Mr.Ong Song Howe


Group photos Trainers with support team, MIA Board Members and 50 attendees.

1. Opening by Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) Chairman – U Zaw Min Win


2. Class introduction

Ice breaker. Getting to know each other. Total 50 attendees ( detail refer to attendees directory).


3. Introduction to Operations Management (OM) – Lecture based on presentation slides.

Group discussion and Group presentation of Organisation Chart presentation


4. Purchasing Management – Lecture based on presentation slides.

After the first day, the attendees feedbacks and recommend to do away with the translator, so to speed up the class progress and they feel more comfortable with such arrangement, in the event if they need help, translator will be requested. After the trial of a session, this approach proven to be more productive and effective.

Case study – Case One (Profitability Impact) & presentation

Learning point – reasonable Cost reduction has more impact in comparison to sales increases.

Case study – Case Two (Suppliers – Weight point plan), discussion and Group assignment and case study presentation

Learning points – Supplier Ranking /selection should base on many factors with sum of weightage multiply by selected relevant factors, as a base for considerations.

Case study – Case Three (Cost-Breakeven point), discussion and Group assignment and case study presentation

Learning points – Cost-breakeven point is one of the tools to determine the Suppliers’ cost-breakeven point, which will enable the company to have a good ground to negotiate for good prices.

5. Cost Management

Case study – Case Four ( Activity Based Costing VS Traditional Costing), discussion and

Group assignment and case study presentation

Learning points – To illustrate how Activity Based Costing in comparison to give more details and accurate costing, in comparison to Traditional costing just based on plan and facts. Will enable company to furnish a fair cost and justify the final fair charges to the customers without dispute.

6. Inventory Management – Lecture based on presentation slides.

Assignment by group in company team, to be presented two(2) weeks later.

Suggested to focus on actual problems and findings. However, if the information is confidential or internal use only, MUST obtain senior management approval or should not be used as the group presentations.

Part Two – 11th-13th October 2014 By Mr. Ong SH

Revision of previous content – Inventory Management

Sharing of 3D racks storage to save space and ease of retrieval, practically target to reduce storage cost and improve efficiencies.

Presentation of group assignment – Problems detected on-site, solution implementations discussions and comments by group by company.

7. Quality Management – based on presentation slides.

Group activity – building of One(1) Meter height tower, using old newspaper and a meter of adhesive tape.

Test of stability with 3 copies of training material weight.

Learning point : the important of customer requirement in operation management; quality is meet the customer requirement

Group presentation and discussion on learning points.

8. Productivity Management – Lecture based on presentation slides.

Group activity – Build protection of a hardboiled egg with 15 pieces strew. Test with dropping from 1.5 meter height, if the egg shell is not crack, it would consider as successful.

Learning point : It is like a real business case, which the participants buy the material with some amount from course leader and course leader will buy back in double price the successful pack egg without crack. Each group learn the actual business productivity calculation from the activity.

Discussion and Presentation on learning points.

9. Shopfloor Management – Lecture based on presentation slides.

Group activity – Creating and flying of paper airplane, sharing and presentation

Learning point – Right staff to fit in to right job, the champion in a job may not be the best manager, but should be identified and rewarded accordingly.

10. Summary of the program

Program evaluation

11. Closing Agenda:

– Closing Speech and Certificate presentation


Reported by Mr. Allen Cheong of ERA

The 23rd ERA AGM

ERA held its’ 23rd AGM on June 8th 2014 to nominate office bearers for a new 2-year term of June 2014 to June 2016.

Before the start of the AGM, one of our life member Ms Cheong Siew Mae, a Certified Sliva Method Instructor, gave a talk introducing AGM attendees to the Silva Method. This is an exercise regime of energizing the spirit by reinforcing positive state of mind via a short relaxing meditation method.


Members were in a relaxed state while Ms Cheong was performing a Silva meditation method.


After the talk and as a token of appreciation, a momento was presented to Ms. Cheong by ERA President, Datin Paduka Yong.


ERA Immediate Past President (IPP) Dato’ Dr. Ong Eng Long who had graciously sponsored the AGM, presenting a cheque to ERA. On behalf of ERA, the President thanked Dato’ Dr. Ong for sponsoring the AGM event.


Before proceeding to lunch, the Advisor of ERA, Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong, gave attendees a golden advice – organizations that advocate harmony as a core value will delivery magical results. He also stressed that ERA is not just an NGO, but also a fellowship network for old friends to meet up (at least once a year).


The AGM was officially kicked off by the president, Datin Paduka Yong, after the lunch reception, at 2:00pm.  The Hon. Secretary, Mr. KK Ng and Hon. Treasurer, Mr. LK Wong, presented the reports and were approved by the members.


The 2 years-term Council Committee and Board Members election began where Mr. Soo Cheong Fatt was the election officer.


Mr. Soo, the former Vice President, delivered a brief announcement on his discontinuation as Vice President. In addition, Board Member Mr Raymond Wong also announced his intention to opt out for re-election as Board Member for the incoming term.

ERA sincerely thanked Mr. Soo and Mr Raymond Wong for their significant contributions and support over the past many years in ERA.


The newly elected Council Committee members and Board Members are:-

1. President – Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying
2. Vice President – Mr. Roger Lye
3. Honorary Secretary – Mr. KK Ng
4. Honorary Treasurer – Mr. LK Wong

The six elected Board Members are:-

1. Mr. Cheong Soon Hock
2. Ms. Cheong Siew Mae
3. Mr. Rubin Gan
4. Dr. Yew Kam Keong (Dr. YKK)
5. Mr. Alexander Lee
6. Ir. Yam Teong Sian


IPP, Dato’ Dr. Ong participated in wrapping up the election. He suggested three recommendations for newly elected ERA Board Members.

1. Visit fellow ERA members including past Board Members, they can offer valuable resources and advices to ERA.
2. Utilize current and establish new networks, such as TAM, IEM, Chemical Engineering Association and so on to increase collaboration efforts and activities.
3. Write a Biography about Tan Sri Dato’ Soong, in which Ir. Choo Kok Beng has voluntarily taken up the task.


Dato’ Lee Tuck Lam from Perak delivered an insightful closing comments. He wished that his remarks will stimulate ERA Members to look into promotion of good values, education and training for young people in the country.


Networking meeting with the Young Entrepreneurs Association on Cambodia (YEAC) – Siem Reap Chapter

On 14 May 2014, ERA hosted a group of young Cambodian entrepreneurs visiting Malaysia through the auspices of the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These group young business visitors are from the Seam Reap Chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia who were invited to Malaysia by Tan Sri Dato’ Soong and ACCCIM after a recent trip by Tans Sri Dato’ Soong to Cambodia.

The group consisted of the YEAC Seam Reap Chapter’s President Mr Keara PHANN together with the Secretary Ms Chharpoan PHEM and five members of their Board. Most of the visitors are from the Hospitality Industry owning Boutique Hotels and Resorts in Seam Reap which is world renowned UNESCO site of the Angkor Wat. In addition to the hotels, some of them are also in the Food and Beverage retail business catering to both tourists and locals.

During their visit, our Honorary Secretary Mr KK Ng gave a presentation on ERA Objectives and roles which lead to their President proposing that ERA consider signing an MOU to explore means of assisting the YEAC Seam Reap Chapter to enhance different areas of business and other skills training.



Our President Datin Paduka Yong hosted a dinner for the visitors and our Patron Tan Sri Dato’ Soong at the Royal Selangor Club.



This article was contributed by Mr Roger Lye.

Berkelah Waterfall, Pahang, Camping trip

First waterfall0n 12 April 2014 7.30am, we ( me, Catherine and Herbert) departed from Bandar Utama, Central point, heading to Melati, Petronas Station to meet up with our organizer! Managed to reached at 8.30am, due to GPS bring us around to a different location.

After fill up RM100.00 the Mitsubishi ASX 2WD/4WD MPV and purchased some necessary items from Petronas store, we started our journey at 9am.

We turn into MRR2 then heading towards Karak highway ( towards Genting highland way,pass the toll), smooth drive with not many vehicles on the road towards Eastcoast, passing by Bukit Tinggi, (toll)Betong, (toll) karak Junctions, highway straight on pass by Termeloh R&R, heading towards Gambang, Sri Jaya exits in Pahang. It took us about 2 hrs to reach Sri Jaya, we have chicken rice as “blunch”. Then driving across the east coast highway to the trailhead of Berkelah waterfalls, it takes about 20min from Sri Jaya to turn into the unpaved road, with 4WD would be great. However, proton salon car also made it with another about 15-20min drive.

We unpacked from the car and get ready to hike! The weather was HOT and the path we chose was rather exposed with not many trees, after 20min till we reached the first waterfalls then we start walk into the ticker forest! Continue for another 40min, we reached the first camp site, where we started to expose to direct sun light again, which we have to walk on the rocky path along the waterfall! That type of patch continue for about an hour, then we reached the great waterfall with a pool like a size of swimming! Be caution if you are there, about 5 feet from the edge, it run deep into 10M depth, we suggest you to put on a life vest, to ensure safety!

We setup our tents as our shelter for the night, just a level up flat land from the pool, it oversee the pool and directly to the waterfalls, the view is magnificent ! While putting the tent, we also go for a swim, nice cooling water to wash away our tiredness! It started to rain after we put up our tent, we have to move our cooking utensil under a big rock, which serve as our kitchen and dinning hall for dinner! What a fortunate location, else we may need to have very later dinner after the rain!

After dinner about 8pm, we mange we catch almost full moon and not may stars, we have good weather for the evening! With the roaring waterfall and forest orchestra, we have our sweet dreams!

The next morning, up at about 6.30am, me and Herbert hike up to the summit and the upper falls, after the rain the water is cloudy. We returned to camp site about 8.30am, we started to prepare for breakfast and will depart the site by about 10-11am. After breakfast and quick washing, we left the camp site near to12noon, after about 2 hours descending, we reached the trailhead! We take shower and change, then started to move with the ASX at around 2pm.

We stop over at Termeloh for a half an hour break then proceed home! reached home about 6PM.

completionDining hallMelati PetronasTrailhead2upper fallwaterfall full viewWaterfall side view


1. Distance from BU Central point, PJ to Berkelah – 400KM return

2. Tracking from trailhead to upper waterfall ( the pool) – about 2-2.5 hours ( with minimum stop)

3. Level of difficulty – mid ( L1-L10) – 6 ( 10 is the most difficult)

4. Danger level – need good shoes to walk to rocky surface.

5. The upper waterfall – very dangerous for non-swimmer – about 5 feet from edge can get up to 10M ( not sure based on info. given).

6. Parking areas at the trailhead – a lot.

7. Recommend to have 4WD to get to the trailhead, avoid rainy season.

Road Map

This article published courtesy of Mr. Cheong Soon Hock (ERA Board Member)

The Chinese Business Chamber of Mauritius exploring with ERA Malaysia to establish ERA Mauritius

The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) extended an invitation to ERA to join a meeting and networking discussions with the Chinese Business Chamber Mauritius (CBCM) at ACCCIM on 25 February. 

CBCM Visit A - 25Feb14ERA was represented by Mr K.K Ng (Honorary Secretary) and Mr Roger Lye (Board Member) and Dato’ Andrew Goh (National Council Member and  Deputy Chairman of the International Trade and Investment Sub-Committee) led the Malaysian delegation in the meeting with the CBCM team of 8 delegates who arrived with the President Mr Leong San Laval, Vice President Mr Onsiong Lee Meng How, together with 3 Past Presidents and 3 Members.

Notable areas of business from the Mauritian delegation include trading in Cars and Car accessories, Building material, Water and Waste treatment, Lighting, Renewable energy, Electrical products including Power tools and hand tools, Hotelier and Restaurant business, Food import and Bakery as well as Management and Migration Investment services. 

Mauritius is part of the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa) Free Trade Area (FTA) consisting of 13 Member states. Although Mauritius has a relatively small population of just about 1.3 Million people, they have FTA status to access about 400 Million people within COMESA. Mauritius has also established Free Trade Zones to facilitate manufacturing and re-exporting to Africa, Middle East as well as to Europe where clothing and textile are their main manufactured products exports.  


CBCM discussed with ERA Malaysia on the possibility to assist in establishing an ERA type Organisation in Mauritius, which was a topic that our Tan Sri Dato’ Soong and Mr Charles Li (Past President of CBCM and Chairman of Albert Group) had briefly discussed sometime earlier. We agreed on further exchange of information including forwarding the ERA Malaysia Constitution to Mr Li for review and follow-up. Other areas of interest include forwarding to Mr Li our list of Expert Resources who are members of ERA Malaysia for his assessment to determine is CBCM Members may need consulting support.   

We look forward to the possibility to yet again establish another international ERA affiliation into Mauritius in the near future.  

CBCM Visit B - 25Feb14

ERA New Year Lunch Gathering At Tanjong Karang

20140111_123449We organised a New Year lunch gathering outing on Saturday 11 January at the scenic location of Tanjong Karang about 17 kilometers after Kuala Selangor. This was one of those events that the Board had organised to “spice up” the Association with activities like outings and “cari-makan” trips for members.

The “makan” place location sits on an interesting setting on stilts that extends out to the water on the coastal river front. The Suang Le River Restaurant  serves live seafood especially the crabs that include both Mud Crab and Blue Swimmer Crabs, Clams or “Lala” type shell fish, live prawns and mantis prawns and freshly delivered fishes that comes from the nearby fish landing jetty.

The ERA group together with the Datin Peduka Yong had a great fresh seafood lunch at likely, one of the most reasonably priced seafood places in Selangor.

After the lunch, the group proceeded to the Fishermen Jetty nearby to see what was available. Some of the participants bought and took home fresh fishes that were sold at the jetty.

Where is the next ERA “Cari-Makan” outing??

Special thanks to the organizing committee – Mr. Roger Lye and Mr. Cheong S H.  This article was contributed by Mr. Roger Lye.



New ERA Logo And Mailing Address



We are pleased to present the new logo of Expertise Resource Association (ERA).

The rationales of the new logo are:

·         The green colour  represents environmental friendliness and portrays ERA’s good to bring about a better world;

·         The continuous stroke of the word ERA represents experts working in union to bring about advancement;

·         The white spaces in between represent the tools of technology.


At the same time, we also like to inform that the mailing address of ERA is as follows:

Expertise Resource Association (211/85)

No. 68-3, Jalan PJU 8/5B,

Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7726 2331

Fax: +603 7728 2331

Email: [email protected]



We would like to put on records our grateful thanks to:

1.       Ir. Choo Kok Beng, a former board member, for his unselfishness and generosity to house at his office the administration office of ERA since 2010 free of charge;

2.       Mr Cheong Soon Hock, current Honorary Treasurer of ERA, for his generosity to allow ERA use part of his business premises as ERA administration office and correspondence address, free of charge;

3.       Mr Raymond Wong and his daughter, Miss Wong Kah Mun, for their great helps and efforts on designing the new logo;  

4.       Dr Yew Kam Keong for his assistance in drafting the rationales of the new logo.

Forging A Closer Link With Technology Association of Malaysia


A memorandum of understanding was signed between ERA and TAM to forge a closer relationship between the two organisations prior to the Dr YKK talk on Oct 14, 2011. The signatories of the MOU were ERA Vice President Dato’ Wong Pui Lam and TAM President Ir Fong Tian Yong.

The salient points of the MOU are to synergise our expertise, networking and resources, broaden our membership base and reaches and to exchange information, publications and contribute and support to each other’s programmes.

TAM, established in 1946, is an organisation for all levels and disciplines of technologists, from students to professionals and others whose careers are technological in nature. It aims at bringing about a clearer understanding and appreciation of technology and to create among members an impelling desire to achieve professional competence and the highest standard of technological skills.

Having a very wide range of membership, it provides a forum for discussion and evaluation of technological issues and advances. The partnership with TAM will widen our reaches to other professionals and bring much needed synergy to both organisations as we can share much of our resources and expertise as ERA is also an organisation whose members comprise entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, accountants, media and public relation practitioners as well as senior government servants, all working towards the same goal – serve the community.clip_image006