The Ministry of International Trade & Industry Malaysia launched the Industry4WRD National Policy on Industry 4.0 on 31 October 2018 to drive digital transformation of the manufacturing and related services sectors in Malaysia.

The framework of Industry4WRD:

SMEs will be challenged to integrate IT and automation to gain market segments in an increasingly globalised playing-field. Change is irreversible and SMEs will either seize it by identifying opportunities and risks or succumb to it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution on the way to Industry 4.0, but only firm-specific circumstances.  The journey towards bold digital transformation has many roadblocks including a lack of leadership and strategic direction, confusion, fear of disruption, ROI uncertainties and more. CEOs and their organizations need to pursue an informed, strategic, value-based approach to Industry 4.0 in order to drive change for the future. Therefore, talent with the right knowledge is a key factor for companies to work towards I4.0 adoption.

Data is the main driver for Industry 4.0 and successful data acquisition and analytics is key towards a successful and sustained implementation. In line with this, the Selangor Human Resources Development Centre (SHRDC) had customised a training programme known as the Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0.

Smart Factory takes existing manufacturing practices to Industry 4.0 standards: to bring up highly agile, efficient and automated production lines integrated into a smart logistics and service network MSF 4.0 is a partnership between SHRDC and the Swiss Smart Factory, which aims to provides hands-on experience, training, technology and talent development for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory competencies.

A visit to SHRDC had been organised to enable participants to get an overview of competency-based training programs designed to kickstart the industry 4.0 journey for more efficient and productive manufacturing lines capable of data generation and collation.  Combined with analytics and machine learning, the factory of the future will have predictive and prescriptive capabilities, contributing to higher yields and boundless innovation.

Find out how:

  • Skills training & talent development can be an affordable and sustainable option
  • Affordable technologies options can be implemented post training
  • To apply for available government grants

Note: There is street parking available at the location. Parking fee can be paid via the Smart Selangor app under Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam available on Google Play or Apple App Store. 

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Programme on Thursday, 27 February 2020

10.00 amArrival at SHRDC, Level 4, Blk 2, Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide
10.10 amWelcome remarks and overview by SHRDC Executive DirectorMr Tan Beng Teong
10.20 amPresentation on “Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0 –
Kickstart your Industry 4.0 Journey, followed by Q & A”
10.50 amTour of MSF 4.0 Demonstration Lab
11.30 amOverview of training programs and applicable grants.
11.45 pmQ&A
12.00 pmEnd / Adjourn

You are cordially invited to participate in the above-mentioned Visit to SHRDC.
A registration form is enclosed for your use. Kindly send to us the completed registration form on or before 21 February 2020. We look forward to your participation.