Transformational Leadership Training


Good and effective leadership is a result of the careful application of various skills that any post leader manager or officer can learn to use. With practice, these skills can become a part of the adult’s or youth officer’s leadership style and will prove helpful in good leadership. It is a result of the careful application of relevant skills towards achieving outcome through effectively manage people and processes. It’s a demanding role for a manager or leader and an essential role for the organization.





At the end of the program, participants should be able to课程结束后, 参加者将可:

  1. Enhance understanding on the important aspect of leadership  增进了解领导的重要层面
  2. Enhance knowledge on leadership competencies增强领导才能的知识
  3. Identify ways to manage changes effectively  确定如何有效地管理变更
  4. Identify ways to improve leadership skills  识别提高领导技能的方法



Day 1第一天:

  1. How others see you as a leader   他人对你作为一个领导者的看法
  2. Bringing your whole self to leadership  全心投入领导
  3. Leveraging the impact of 360 feedback  借助360度反馈的影响力
  4. Personality factors in leadership  领导的人格因素
  5. Effective communication and influencing  有效的沟通和影响
  6. Interpersonal needs and collaboration  人际需求和协作


Day 2第二天:

  1. Leadership within a complex system: Exercise  一个综合系统内的领导: 练习
  2. Feedback and coaching session  反馈和指导單元
  3. Strategy and goal setting  策略和目标设定
  4. Planning for higher level of impact  规划更高层次的影响力
  5. Implementing developmental plan  实施发展计划


Who should attend 课程对象:

  • Manager 经理人员
  • Executives 执行人员
  • Supervisor 监督人员


Course fee 课程费用:

RM 700 for member 会员 700令吉

~ HRDF Claimable
~ 70{19eb38c1b83d5d29fbbb5fcafd2ea2075c90f1df4554789572ffea0ad4fd1559} SME Corp Training Grant for SMEs


Date 日期: 9am-5pm; 20-21 Sep 2013 9月20-21日


Venue 地点:

No. 2-3A & 3-3A, Blok E, Johbase City Square,
Jalan Lambak,
86000 Kluang, Johor.


Kindly reserve your seat before 5 Sep 2013 with Kluang Chamber Secretariat

Assistant Executive Secretary: Pow Chiau Yee

No. 2-3A & 3-3A, Blok E, Johbase City Square,
Jalan Lambak, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Tel:07-7712027                    Fax:07-7723384


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