Motivating Employees For High Productivity Training


The skills of motivating people at workplace are one of the most important leadership skills of a higher effective head, manager or supervisor in any organization. An empowering leader must apply the skills of motivating people as a competitive edge so as to achieve higher organization performance. This two-day skill training and attitudinal change workshop provides some ‘state-of-the-art’ motivational concepts and practical skills to the participants, enabling them to develop the effective techniques of motivating people for higher performance. All the participants are required to participate in the actual skill practice, role-play and simulation exercises.





At the end of the program, participants should be able to课程结束后, 参加者将可:

  1. Understand and apply the ‘state-of-the-art’ concepts of motivation 了解并善用“艺术意境”的激励概念
  2. Develop and acquire the effective skills of motivating people at workplace 发展及建立有效的职场人员激励技能
  3. Promote effective teamwork for generating higher performance  促进有效的团队协作以创造更高的产能
  4. Assume greater job responsibilities more effectively and confidently  更有效率及自信心来承担更大的工作职责



Day 1第一天:

  1. Introduction to productivity   生产力导论
  2. Self motivation towards higher productivity  自我激励提高产能
  3. How to increase company productivity & competitiveness  如何提高企业的生产力和竞争力
  4. Strategies for increasing company productivity & competitiveness  提高公司生产力和竞争力的策略
  5. Motivating employees through management functions透过管理机制激励员工
  6. Promoting the qualities of smart leaders/smart supervisors提升睿智主管/领导的素质


Day 2第二天:

  1. Key factors that determine employees job performance决定员工绩效的关键因素
  2. Effective motivational strategies有效的激励策略
  3. Motivating by performance management skills  应用绩效管理的激励技巧
  4. Motivating skills practice激励技巧的练习


Who should attend 课程对象:

  • Manager 经理人员
  • Executives 执行人员
  • Supervisor 监督人员


Course fee 课程费用:

RM 900 for member 会员 900令吉

~ HRDF Claimable
~ 70{19eb38c1b83d5d29fbbb5fcafd2ea2075c90f1df4554789572ffea0ad4fd1559} SME Corp Training Grant for SMEs


Date 日期: 9am-5pm; 15-16 Nov 2013 11月15-16日


Venue 地点:

No. 2-3A & 3-3A, Blok E, Johbase City Square,
Jalan Lambak,
86000 Kluang, Johor.


Kindly reserve your seat before 30 Oct 2013 with Kluang Chamber Secretariat

Assistant Executive Secretary: Pow Chiau Yee

No. 2-3A & 3-3A, Blok E, Johbase City Square,
Jalan Lambak, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Tel:07-7712027                    Fax:07-7723384,


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