Report on ITI meet at ACCCIM office on 5th June

After a simple lunch in the meeting room the meeting started just after 2 pm.

Chaired by Tan Sri Soong the meeting proceeded smoothly with 4 main topics, below is s summary of the topics and contact person:

  1. GSI – Global Trading Solution talk was presented by the senior manager, Mr Goh Chiang Fein. The talk was centered on the benefits of the bar code system and the various advantages it provides the customers. It explains the different types of bar codes available and its meaning; it’s tracking services and various benefits. For more details you can check out the website: or you can speak to Mr Goh at: 012-2178272.
  2. Palm – Pro. Is a company based in Nilai that sells carbon fiber tubes, these are very stiff but lighter than aluminum tubes. They are many used of these high quality tubes from bicycle frame to fruit harvesting poles. In this talk we concentrated on oil palm harvesting poles.  At present palm oil trees need to be replanted after 30+ years because the fruits are too high to be harvested efficiently with the present aluminum poles. By using these higher reaching carbon poles you can postpone the replanting schedule by at least 5 years thereby maximizing your investments. These poles can be used as wind surfing booms, paddle shafts, parts of boat or whatever you can think of using if you require a lightweight and strong material. It is more expensive than aluminum but the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Check out website:   Contact person: Mr Casey Teh (Director) – 06 7999901.
  3.  Vertical garden – As presented by Mr Soo Ho Hock Meng. There is an entrepreneur in Singapore who is making a 9 meter high metal structure with many beds of rotating horizontal troughs. These long troughs are fixed to a motor with a chain just like a bicycle so when the motor turns so will all the troughs. This is so that the plants that are in the troughs will get their fair share of sunlight when the troughs are high up and while at the bottom,  the roots dip into a ‘nutrient tank’.  The nutrients are computer controlled to allow various nutrients to be fed in according to their requirements. Per rotation cycle is times for 30 hours. The proposed site in Singapore of 3.65 hectares should produce 10 tons of vegetables PER DAY. This system is suitable for high density urban areas and hard to get land like in Cameron Highlands, best of all it is not labor intensive. You can harvest your vegetable beds (troughs) to your optimal level so even those with bad back can participate in the harvesting process, thereby putting your grandparents to good use. Per unit is at present S$20,000.00 BUT once it is manufactured in Malaysia the cost shall reflect our lower cost of labor. For those who are interested please contact: Meng at 012 6018748.

Shared by Mr Rubin Gan, Assistant Hon. Secretary

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