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Work measurement in practice

clip_image002ERA Honorary Secretary Mr Soo Cheong Futt conducted a five-day training course on “Work Measurement in Practice” for members of the Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) from March 15 to 19, 2010 in Yangon. The programme was implemented with the Cyclone Nargis Fund raised by the International Trade and Investment (ITI) Committee of the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) in 2008. The fund was raised to defray expenses specifically for ERA resource persons to share their expertise and experience to help upgrade industries especially, the SMEs, in Myanmar.

Eighteen participants from various industries, mostly SMEs, in Yangon attended the course. All participating companies sent in at least two participants holding managerial or executive positions. Thirteen of the participants had already attended the course on “Method Study in Practice” in November 2009.

The main focus of this course was to introduce the means to accurately evaluate labour costs and to bring about a change in clip_image004outlook, and a commitment to the “Best Method”.

Participants were shown the means to identify where and how output is lost in manufacture process. They were then shown how to compile standard times for predictive labour costing. The course started with inputs on concepts, procedures and techniques, during which exercises, case studies, case demonstrations, training gadgets and videos were employed.

The training course was very well received because the participants found it relevant and practical. They were happy that it had shown them how they could employ various techniques to measure efficiency and the time taken to perform a job.

The participants were also privileged to have listened to two talks by our IPP Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong on “Leadership and Results through Good Human Relation” and “Establishing and Operating SME Resource Counter”.

clip_image006The training was further strengthened by visits to two factories – a biscuits manufacturer and a rubber products manufacturer – where participants practised “Activity Sampling” and “Time Study”. A locally prepared video was used to enhance the training.







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