The Expertise Resource Association (ERA) will be co-organizing a webinar on Cybersecurity jointly organised by the Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA), Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence & Robotics Association (MyAIRA) in association with the Malaysia-Japan Economic Association (MAJECA), Invest Selangor & the Embassy of Chile in Malaysia.

The drone industry growth has been steadily rising in the last decade. It is estimated that by the year 2025, the drone services market size is expected to grow to US$63.6 billion (Business Insider, 2021). Drones’ ability to fly unmanned and even fully autonomously allows them to perform many labour-intensive tasks much cheaper, faster and, safer than any human can and creates added upstream and downstream benefits to stakeholders. Drone technology can be applied across multiple sectors and are engaged in agriculture, mining, construction, security, surveying / mapping, marketing, photography & videography, and many more. The data captured by drones requires an interdisciplinary effort to meet the intensive processing requirement of the data and this presents an emerging opportunity for re-skilling and talent development to meet this need. This webinar will discuss the uses & applications of autonomous drone technology and its emerging opportunities including talent development in this burgeoning industry. Through the Embassy of Chile in Malaysia, the Drones industry in Chile will be highlighted in this webinar.

A panel discussion will be moderated by Mr Jamie Haniff bin Ramlee, Director, Selangor Darul Ehsan Aerospace Industry Coordination Office (S-DAICO) Division, Invest Selangor.

A brief on the speakers are as follows:

1. Dr Lee Shian, Alpha Swift Sdn Bhd will be speaking on autonomous drones and its uses especially in the agriculture sector. – more details coming soon!

2. Mr Amsyar Faiz is the Business Development Director at OFO Tech Sdn Bhd and well versed in broad subjects ranging from the classical to the cutting edge. Mr Amsyar Faiz was one of the panelists for Meeting of Minds Forum in 2019 and a keynote speaker at Drone Track 2020, where he presented on “Drone Powered Solutions and IR4.0, Emerging Trends and Applications”. Together with his partners at OFO, Mr Amsyar Faiz is spearheading the digital transformation for key public and private sector clients from across different verticals. Mr Amsyar Faiz will be presenting on the various data outputs that can be processed from drone data capture; e.g. 2D Orthomosaics, point cloud, reality mesh, augmented reality (AR), and more.

3. To speak on the drone industry and opportunities in Chile is Mr Iván Araos Mansilla, Head of External Affairs, from Asociación de Pilotos de Aeronaves No Tripuladas (Association of Pilots of Unmanned Aircraft) APANT CHILE. APANT is a Not-for Profit Organization that groups the majority of Chilean drone pilots, ranging from aficionados to professionals in different fields from industry to public security. Their Membership and followers are the broadest in Chile, reaching to some 4,000. They have keen interest in issues such as data processing, 5-G prospects for drones and new legislation for the use of airspace in the wake of the new flying apparatus (from drones to cars). Among their members is also the Drone Academy of Chile.

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