ERA President’s Message

Greetings and best wishes to our dear members. We also like to extend a very warm welcome to the new members who had recently joined ERA.
Expertise Resource Association (ERA) being a non-profit NGO continues to be focused primarily on attracting experienced individuals with expertise and knowledge from diverse background to support our aims of providing support and services to the Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs), community development as well as the society at large.
In addition to supporting SME and community development, we also focus on identifying the various ways and means to engage our members especially through involving them in areas and activities that provide meaningful interactions and engagement.
With these objectives in mind, we have established different committees and task groups to facilitate various activities to enable our members to participate in the different interest areas and functions. Some of the key focus areas that we have established are as follows:-

Training, Advisory & Consultancy Services (TAC)

Our members comes from a diverse background covering a variety of Services and Manufacturing enterprises. We also have some who were from Governmental and other Institutional organisations. Many of the individuals are with vast experience in the different functional areas like, General Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Administration, Operations and Production.
With the wealth of experience and the many talents in ERA, our Association has much to offer in continuing to support not only development of SMEs but also the society in general. This TAC Service task force was thus established to involve members in facilitating services for the different areas in training, advisory as well as consultancy services to be offered to the SMEs.

International Collaboration Activities & Targeted Business Opportunities Networking

Apart from the rich knowledge pool of resources, our members are involved in a wide variety businesses and enterprises. We have those who are still actively involved in business or employment and there are also many of our members who may be semi-retired but are open to possible business or training opportunities.
Our Association actively collaborates with many other trade and industry Associations for example, The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Malaysia (ACCCIM), the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), the Malaysian Services Providers Confederation (MSPC), the Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA), the Malaysia China Business Council (MCBS) and the Technological Association of Malaysia (TAM). In the international front we are associated with the Myanmar Industrial Association (MIA), the Federation of Association for Small & Medium Enterprise of Cambodia (FASMEC), The Philippines – Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Bangladesh – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
The network that we have established allows ERA members to not only get regular up-dates on important information for business and trade but also opportunities to collaborate with the different Associations in areas of training and seminars. We also open up opportunities to our members for business matching or overseas ventures via participation in the inbound or outbound International Trade missions.
ERA members can take advantage of the many linkages that we have established to provide training services or to further expand their businesses both locally and abroad.

Urban, Rooftop & Vertical Farming Association (URVF) / The Seniors Magazine / Biomass Business Group

ERA is also associated with three different special interest groups namely URVF Association focusing on promoting farming in urban the environment, The Seniors magazine that promotes healthy living for senior citizens and Biomass Business group that encourages development of renewable energy sources.
These special interest groups works closely with us to promote areas of common interest for the mutual benefit of members and we encourage ERA members to get involved also in the activities and programs promoted by these interest groups.
In summary, our Association firmly believes in the need to support the development of SMEs, many of which may lack expertise and resources to compete and grow. We also believe in providing an avenue for our membership base with opportunities to make use of their expertise and skills to assist these SMEs. We will continue to explore more channels to increase member involvement in such activities and to provide a more fulfilling experience for our members in ERA.
Moving ahead, we wish all members good health and lots of joy.

With warmest regards
Mr. Roger Lye
President (2018-2021)
Expertise Resource Association