EcoClean Technology

EcoClean Technology Sdn Bhd, a joint Malaysian and McConnell Group      from New Zealand to hold the Malaysian License to market  and  provide  CDS Stormwater  Treatment Technology in Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei and China since year 2001.

  • EcoClean CDS or Continuous Deflective Separation is the world ONLY non-blinding screen technology patented worldwide including Malaysia;
  • EcoClean CDS is a superior and cost effective technology to separate gross solids from liquids. The major application for the technology is currently to clean gross pollutants from stormwater before it enters natural waterways;
  • EcoClean CDS Technology is also appealing to the food processing industry and separates gross sewer solids;
  • EcoClean CDS Technology is the only non-blocking screening technology and self cleansing independently validated by world-class research

EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian Licensee dedicated to provide:

  • EcoClean CDS Stormwater Treatment Device
  • EcoClean CDS Combined Sewer Overflow Device
  • EcoClean CDS Filternator
  • EcoClean CDS Water/ Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Plant
  • EcoClean Ausdrain Enviromodule
  • EcoClean Ausdrain Drainage Cell
  • E/One Low Pressure Sewer Systems
  • Green Products Systems – Soilless Vertical Garden, Green Roof, Flexi Green (wrap around the pillar), Self Watering Pots and Wonder Green (Vertical Urban Farming)

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