Past Events

AGM on June 16, 2013 (Sunday)

Dear Valued Members,

You are cordially invited to attend a Talk / Lunch / AGM to be held as follows:

Date :     June 16, 2013 (Sunday)

Time:      12.00 noon – 4:00pm (12 noon – Talk; 1:15pm – lunch:  2pm – AGM).

Venue:    co-operative College of Malaysia

103, Jalan Templer, 46700 Petaling Jaya


Please sms KK (012-207 3166), Rubin (017-345 9109) that you plan to attend.

Best regards, Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying & ERA Board

Another Special Day For ERA

Today, April 8, 2013, marks a special day for ERA. We finally have a member-friendly website in place after several months of planning, learning, internalizing, information gathering, content writing and, well, procrastination.

I would like to thank our Vice President Mr Soo Cheong Futt for safe-keeping and making most of the historically valuable information in handy so that we can extract and rearrange them for the website, Mr Hoo Ban Khee for editing most of the contents, Dr Yew Kam Keong (a.k.a. Dr YKK) who eagerly offered his help in every occasion we met even though he is residing in Australia and comes back occasionally.

Last but not least, our president Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying for her patience and tolerance, so that we can turn the website into our experimental playground during work-in-progress.

This is a totally home-brewed website, meaning we put in our own efforts to envision, strategize and learn the technical aspects of how to set up a website that is most suitable for ERA. Although it may not be the best-looking website for sure, but it certainly is a right communication tool for us to serve our members. We hope that, in the process, we would learn how to maintain and update the contents, and this capability would make the team more efficient and effective in operating the association.

Even at the very beginning, we wanted a member-centric and content-drive website rather than a static and show-case one. Therefore, our website was designed with the purpose of bringing closer our members so that we can work closely to achieve goals and most of all, put together our expertise resources to make ERA a relevant source of talent and expertise for our society.

Now the site has come alive officially but we have to remind ourselves that it is just a beginning as there are still rooms for improvement. We will work closely with other committees and we hope more members will come forward and offer their expertise, especially in contents writing and graphic design.

On behalf of the committee, we would like to thank our president, the board and all other working committees for their supports. Looking forward, we encourage all ERA members to participate in our upcoming events and, to make use of the website to contribute ideas and advices to the current and future board members. Don’t forget, this website was conceived and delivered with you in mind!

One last thing, it was a joy when we found out that the domain name ( was still available for sale.  May luck always be on our side!  Finally, we are thankful to our Treasurer Mr Cheong Soon Hock for sponsoring 1-year subscription of this domain name.


Mr David Chang
Chairman of Website and Online Communication Committee.

Farewell To Our Honorary Secretary

It’s with regret that we announce the resignation of Dr. KC Leong as Honorary Secretary, effective March 28, 2013.  It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Dr. Leong success in his future undertaking.

At the same time, we would like to give our warmest welcome to Mr. Ng Koon Kow as Honorary Secretary and Mr. Rubin Gan as Assistant Honorary Secretary, with immediate effect. 

New ERA Logo And Mailing Address



We are pleased to present the new logo of Expertise Resource Association (ERA).

The rationales of the new logo are:

·         The green colour  represents environmental friendliness and portrays ERA’s good to bring about a better world;

·         The continuous stroke of the word ERA represents experts working in union to bring about advancement;

·         The white spaces in between represent the tools of technology.


At the same time, we also like to inform that the mailing address of ERA is as follows:

Expertise Resource Association (211/85)

No. 68-3, Jalan PJU 8/5B,

Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7726 2331

Fax: +603 7728 2331

Email: [email protected]



We would like to put on records our grateful thanks to:

1.       Ir. Choo Kok Beng, a former board member, for his unselfishness and generosity to house at his office the administration office of ERA since 2010 free of charge;

2.       Mr Cheong Soon Hock, current Honorary Treasurer of ERA, for his generosity to allow ERA use part of his business premises as ERA administration office and correspondence address, free of charge;

3.       Mr Raymond Wong and his daughter, Miss Wong Kah Mun, for their great helps and efforts on designing the new logo;  

4.       Dr Yew Kam Keong for his assistance in drafting the rationales of the new logo.

Africa – Our New Frontier





In June 2008, the Kenya Export Promotion Council (EPC) requested JICA Kenya to look for a Malaysia SME consultant to help in facilitating the second phase of their Trade Training Project. ERA resource person Ong Song Howe was assigned and accepted to carry out the project through the recommendations of Massa and ERA.

Ong’s service started from October 2008 and ended in November 2010, involving a total of 8 trips and a span of 11 months. During the project period, Ong helped the EPC to finalise the Trade Training Programme comprising four modules:

Train the Trainer, Product Development and Adaptation for Export, Export Marketing and finally, Export Logistic and Finance.

To ensure the sustainability of the programme, Ong started a project to train and certify local consultant trainers so that they in turn can carry out the training on their own. A total of 14 trainers were called to help in the programme but unfortunately, only seven of them passed and continued their service.

The Trade Training Project had been organised in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi and Nakuru in Kenya. Besides clip_image006the four modules, networking sessions were held with the participants from time to time to better understand their difficulty in practising what they had been taught. During the last three years, more than 60 classes had been conducted and over 1500 participants benefited from the programme.

During his stay, Ong observed that the Kenyan SMEs had some constrains and challenges in their business development. Primarily, they maintained their traditional ways of doing business that could not compete anymore in the global market and they should take a deeper look at the Asian market and understand it well because Asian countries will be their main competitors from now on.

Due to political factors and an absence of proper infrastructure support, their production cost is high and they become less competitive in the export market; The Government has just promoted ISO9001 to the SMEs, which was far behind the global requirements.

On the other hand, it was really a good opportunity for Malaysian SMEs to export their products and services there because our products and services are more advanced and they are cheaper to Kenyans than those from more advanced countries.

As in the case of most developing countries, the pace of doing business in Kenya is slow and thus, our SMEs need to take some time to develop business relationships with their Kenya counterparts.

Due to the global support; the next five to ten years will see a number of funding going into African countries to help in their economic development and Kenya has been touted as the gateway to East Africa countries, with a number of United Nation agencies stationed and operating there.

It is a good window to penetrate the East African countries market. The only constraints to consider are their tax and political climate that have created some uncertainties in the business environment; especially for foreign investors.

Unzip Your Mind


DR Yew Kam Keong (Dr YKK as he is better known), an international speaker, trainer and innovation consultant, gave a most stimulating two-hour talk on “Copycat Innovation” to over 80 participants on Oct 14, 2011 at Wisma Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The talk, organised by ERA, was very successful, gauged by the good attendance and the warm response from the audience.

Dr YKK is the only Malaysian acknowledged as a Distinguished Talent on Creativity and Innovation by the Australian Government. He is also an author of several best –selling books.


Reaching Out To The People Of Myanmar

Work measurement in practice

clip_image002ERA Honorary Secretary Mr Soo Cheong Futt conducted a five-day training course on “Work Measurement in Practice” for members of the Myanmar Industries Association (MIA) from March 15 to 19, 2010 in Yangon. The programme was implemented with the Cyclone Nargis Fund raised by the International Trade and Investment (ITI) Committee of the Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) in 2008. The fund was raised to defray expenses specifically for ERA resource persons to share their expertise and experience to help upgrade industries especially, the SMEs, in Myanmar.

Eighteen participants from various industries, mostly SMEs, in Yangon attended the course. All participating companies sent in at least two participants holding managerial or executive positions. Thirteen of the participants had already attended the course on “Method Study in Practice” in November 2009.

The main focus of this course was to introduce the means to accurately evaluate labour costs and to bring about a change in clip_image004outlook, and a commitment to the “Best Method”.

Participants were shown the means to identify where and how output is lost in manufacture process. They were then shown how to compile standard times for predictive labour costing. The course started with inputs on concepts, procedures and techniques, during which exercises, case studies, case demonstrations, training gadgets and videos were employed.

The training course was very well received because the participants found it relevant and practical. They were happy that it had shown them how they could employ various techniques to measure efficiency and the time taken to perform a job.

The participants were also privileged to have listened to two talks by our IPP Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong on “Leadership and Results through Good Human Relation” and “Establishing and Operating SME Resource Counter”.

clip_image006The training was further strengthened by visits to two factories – a biscuits manufacturer and a rubber products manufacturer – where participants practised “Activity Sampling” and “Time Study”. A locally prepared video was used to enhance the training.







On Green Productivity, New Business Model & Strategies for SMEs



The talk was held at the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry at 9.30am on Oct 15, 2011. It was well supported by over 50 youth members of the chamber. ERA speakers Mr Lim Kim Leong and Mr Ong Song Howe arrived early after two hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur. Youth Chairman of PCCCI Mr Low Heng Keat welcomed ERA speakers, guests and members. It was followed by an exchange of greetings and gifts and the master of ceremony Mr Martin Chuah promptly introduced the speakers and invited Mr Lim to present his talk. Mr Lim gave his talk in Mandarin and being an experienced orator he captured the attention of the crowd with his easy and convincing delivery. He also peppered his serious messages with humour to express his points to the delight of the participants. His talk lasted an hour and half.

Mr Ong gave his talk on green productivity which was of general interest to all because the subject concerns everyone in trade and industries as to how to save costs and conserve energy.


Forging A Closer Link With Technology Association of Malaysia


A memorandum of understanding was signed between ERA and TAM to forge a closer relationship between the two organisations prior to the Dr YKK talk on Oct 14, 2011. The signatories of the MOU were ERA Vice President Dato’ Wong Pui Lam and TAM President Ir Fong Tian Yong.

The salient points of the MOU are to synergise our expertise, networking and resources, broaden our membership base and reaches and to exchange information, publications and contribute and support to each other’s programmes.

TAM, established in 1946, is an organisation for all levels and disciplines of technologists, from students to professionals and others whose careers are technological in nature. It aims at bringing about a clearer understanding and appreciation of technology and to create among members an impelling desire to achieve professional competence and the highest standard of technological skills.

Having a very wide range of membership, it provides a forum for discussion and evaluation of technological issues and advances. The partnership with TAM will widen our reaches to other professionals and bring much needed synergy to both organisations as we can share much of our resources and expertise as ERA is also an organisation whose members comprise entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, accountants, media and public relation practitioners as well as senior government servants, all working towards the same goal – serve the community.clip_image006