Berkelah Waterfall, Pahang, Camping trip

First waterfall0n 12 April 2014 7.30am, we ( me, Catherine and Herbert) departed from Bandar Utama, Central point, heading to Melati, Petronas Station to meet up with our organizer! Managed to reached at 8.30am, due to GPS bring us around to a different location.

After fill up RM100.00 the Mitsubishi ASX 2WD/4WD MPV and purchased some necessary items from Petronas store, we started our journey at 9am.

We turn into MRR2 then heading towards Karak highway ( towards Genting highland way,pass the toll), smooth drive with not many vehicles on the road towards Eastcoast, passing by Bukit Tinggi, (toll)Betong, (toll) karak Junctions, highway straight on pass by Termeloh R&R, heading towards Gambang, Sri Jaya exits in Pahang. It took us about 2 hrs to reach Sri Jaya, we have chicken rice as “blunch”. Then driving across the east coast highway to the trailhead of Berkelah waterfalls, it takes about 20min from Sri Jaya to turn into the unpaved road, with 4WD would be great. However, proton salon car also made it with another about 15-20min drive.

We unpacked from the car and get ready to hike! The weather was HOT and the path we chose was rather exposed with not many trees, after 20min till we reached the first waterfalls then we start walk into the ticker forest! Continue for another 40min, we reached the first camp site, where we started to expose to direct sun light again, which we have to walk on the rocky path along the waterfall! That type of patch continue for about an hour, then we reached the great waterfall with a pool like a size of swimming! Be caution if you are there, about 5 feet from the edge, it run deep into 10M depth, we suggest you to put on a life vest, to ensure safety!

We setup our tents as our shelter for the night, just a level up flat land from the pool, it oversee the pool and directly to the waterfalls, the view is magnificent ! While putting the tent, we also go for a swim, nice cooling water to wash away our tiredness! It started to rain after we put up our tent, we have to move our cooking utensil under a big rock, which serve as our kitchen and dinning hall for dinner! What a fortunate location, else we may need to have very later dinner after the rain!

After dinner about 8pm, we mange we catch almost full moon and not may stars, we have good weather for the evening! With the roaring waterfall and forest orchestra, we have our sweet dreams!

The next morning, up at about 6.30am, me and Herbert hike up to the summit and the upper falls, after the rain the water is cloudy. We returned to camp site about 8.30am, we started to prepare for breakfast and will depart the site by about 10-11am. After breakfast and quick washing, we left the camp site near to12noon, after about 2 hours descending, we reached the trailhead! We take shower and change, then started to move with the ASX at around 2pm.

We stop over at Termeloh for a half an hour break then proceed home! reached home about 6PM.

completionDining hallMelati PetronasTrailhead2upper fallwaterfall full viewWaterfall side view


1. Distance from BU Central point, PJ to Berkelah – 400KM return

2. Tracking from trailhead to upper waterfall ( the pool) – about 2-2.5 hours ( with minimum stop)

3. Level of difficulty – mid ( L1-L10) – 6 ( 10 is the most difficult)

4. Danger level – need good shoes to walk to rocky surface.

5. The upper waterfall – very dangerous for non-swimmer – about 5 feet from edge can get up to 10M ( not sure based on info. given).

6. Parking areas at the trailhead – a lot.

7. Recommend to have 4WD to get to the trailhead, avoid rainy season.

Road Map

This article published courtesy of Mr. Cheong Soon Hock (ERA Board Member)

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