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ERA Tea Talk : A Historical insight of New Villages in Malaysia – 8.12.2018

Venue : Malaysia-China Business Council, Level 6-05

& 6-06, Menara LGB, No 1 Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Date: Saturday 8th Dec. 2018

Registration Time : 10.00am to 10.15am

Talk Time 10.15am to 12.30pm

Capacity Limit: 50 pax on first-come-first serve basis

Seat Booking : PM Ms Toh Bee Ling tel. 0196609868


This Tea Talk is specially arranged for ERA members and any other interested party who would like get a glimpse of some historical moments in days of Malaya. Members pay a token of RM10.00 while non-members pay RM20.00 to cover ad- ministrative and refreshment costs. Payment by cash at time of registration.

This is an opportunity to look back at some of the historical events that occurred during the early days of the independence of Malaya, particularly the evolution of Malaysian Chinese settlements during the period of Communist insurgency.


This talk will give a better insight into the environment and conditions of the earlier generation of Malaysia Chinese that had settled in early Malaya during the earlier part of the 20th century.

We hope that members will take back some interesting and perhaps challenging moments that were experienced by Malaysian Chinese settlers who made Malaysia their home.

Dato’ Ir. Fong is a Civil Engineer graduated from the University of Singapore.

He was formally the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Housing & Local Government and was the Past President of Technological Association of Malaysia (TAM).

As Deputy DG of the Local Government Department, the development of the New Villages was a unit that came under him. He co-authored the book “The New Villages in Malaysia: The journey Ahead.”

2018 ERA AGM on 9th June 2018

2018 ERA AGM on 9th June 2018

The ERA 2018 27th AGM was held on 9th June 2018 at the Damansara Jaya Resiednts & Owners Association (DJROA). A total of 51 members attended the AGM.

Before the AGM began, Mr. Francis Tan, an ERA member gave a one hour talk on `How to be harmony in yourself’ and `How to overcome depression’.

The outgoing President, Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying called the meeting to order at 1.10pm and welcomed all present, in particular the ERA Advisor, Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong and Immediate Past President, Dato’ Dr. Ong Eng Long.

Mr. Soo Cheong Futt was the Election Chairman. The new office bearers elected for 2018-2021 trem are as follows :




•        President Mr. Lye Fook Keong (Roger)
•        Vice President Mr. Wong Lian Kee
•        Honorary Secretary Dr. Mooi Wah Kian
•        Honorary Assistant Secretary Ms Foo Seau An (June)
•        Honorary Treasurer Ms Toh Bee Ling
•        Honorary Assistant Treasurer Ms Chew Geok Neo (Pansy)
Committee Members 1. Mr. Cheong Soon Hock (Allen)
2. Mr. Tan Kim Hai
3. Mr. Lee Hock Chye
4. Mr. Yale Wong Yah Loo
5. Mr. Ariffin Buranudeen
6. Mr. Prame Kumar Nair
7. Mr. Tan Yoke Chun (Francis)
Honorary Auditors Mr. Ong Song Howe

Mr. Tan Teik Ching


The existing eight (8) Sub-Committees are maintained and are headed by the new Sub-Committe Heads as below :-

  1. Training, Advisory Consulting (TAC). Leader – Mr Lee Hock Chye
  2. Biomass Business Focus Group. Leader -Mr Tan Kim Hai
  3. Food & Beverages. Leader – Mr. Lam Ah.Chye
  4. Urban Roof-top & Vertical Farming. Leader – Mr Yale Wong
  5. Leisure, Health & Nature. Leader – Mr. Allen Cheong
  6. Factory & Institutional Visit. Leader – Mr Andy Oh
  7. Investment & Business Promotion (IBPC). Leader – Tan Sri Dato’ Soong
  8. Senior Magazine. Leader – Mr Cheah Tuck Wing

As provided under the ERA Constitution, an Advisory Panel was set-up and the following as Advisors are appointed ;-:

  1. Tan Sri Dato’ Soong Siew Hoong
  2. Dato’ Dr Ong Eng Long

The President thanked all the members, in particular Tan Sri Dato’ Soong and Mr Ng Koon Kow for their active involvement in making the AGM a success.

The new President Mr. Roger Lye adjourned the AGM at 2.30pm.